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Peoria WingFest 2018
31st Annual Louie Louie Parade & RiverJam

Man Mistakes Hand Grenade for Potato

“A dog walker nearly had her chips after mistaking a grenade for a potato. Terri-Jade Barwell, 30, took home the spud-like object dug up by her pet, Marriott – only to be told she and her house could have been left in taters. The 30-year-old joked: “I could have taken my whole family out. Marriott […]

Powder Seized By Cops Was Human Remains, Not Drugs

“Kevin Raymond Curtis, of Augusta, held up an evidence bag Tuesday containing two small, clear plastic bags of a white sandy material. Police had suspected the grainy substance was heroin. It was actually his father.” To read more, CLICK HERE!   SOURCE: CENTRAL MAINE

Tom Cruise Jumps Out of Plane 106 Times

“What looks to be the film’s signature stunt (a couple of CinemaCon’s ago, Cruise led us through clinging on a plane for Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation), Cruise wanted to do a skydiving stunt where he jumped out of a plane at 25K-30K feet going 220 MPH and in doing so, grabbing Henry Cavill’s character in […]

Earn Money Playing McDonalds Monopoly

“If playing McDonald’s Monopoly is one of your favourite past-times, then you might want to apply for this new job. One company wants to help the public cash in on the McDonald’s game, and is willing to recruit players around the country to help them do so. Oh, and potentially pay them up to £45 […]


Jack’s Pet Pick of the Week – Meet Maddox!

Check out Jack’s Pet Pick of the Week, from 101.1 Jack FM and the Peoria Humane Society! “Maddox has 8 years of experience as a goofy Labrador Retriever Mix.  He has a white clown face and a silly personality to match.  But don’t be fooled, Maddox may have lots of energy but he is also smart, […]