Army Veteran Flys Shelter Dogs To Their Forever Homes

Paul Steklenski is an Army veteran who served as an officer training in Fort Knox, Kentucky for many years. Steklenski had always wanted to learn to fly and began taking lessons around the same time he had adopted his dog, Tessa, from a shelter. In his adoption process of getting Tessa he learned the difference between shopping at shelters and actually adopting an animal. He wanted to find some way to help these animals get to a no-kill environment and what better way than to use his new found flying skills.

In May of 2015, Steklenski’s non profit organization, Flying Fur Animal Rescue, was born. How his process works is volunteers pull animals out of shelters that can no longer house them, transport them across state lines and find new sites that can shelter them. With using his piloting skills he is able to transport several animals at one time at a faster rate than it would be transporting just a few in a vehicle at time. Investing his own money and his own time into this organization the rewards are priceless. Over 700 dogs have found their forever home during the time Steklenski’s organization has been up and running.

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