The biggest Meteor Shower of the year is tonight!

Make sure to go outside tonight and see an amazing show in the night sky!  The Perseid Meteor Shower is happening tonight from Midnight to Dawn!  Watch with family and friends for what they say is the biggest meteor shower of the year!  Here are some tips for your best experience  for tonight’s show:

1. Watch between Midnight & Dawn: Most of the meteors are most likely to appear after midnight when the earth turns into the meteor steam.

2.  Avoid City Lights and Light Pollution:  Some of the meteors will be able to see yet you will witness many more if you don’t have the stream of light in your eyes.

3.  Try Watching in the Evening:  There’s not a lot of visible meteors at this time, but you maybe be lucky enough to see an Earthgrazer, which are meteors that are around for a lot longer.

4.  Last piece of advice is to have fun with your family and friends on this fantastic night!

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