This cutie is just like Matilda!

This little bookworm has the heart of Matilda and an amazing goal: to read 1,000 books BEFORE kindergarten!  Daliyah Marie Arana and her family set this goal at the age of four and she’s already smashed it in a little less than a year!  Her next goal?  To read 500 MORE before school starts in the fall!

Her reading level isn’t pinpointed but her parents say she can read books her older siblings (ages 10 and 12) bring home.  She’s even reading a college level speech! The big feat of this little girl hasn’t gone unnoticed.  Carla Hayden, the Librarian of Congress, wanted to award Daliyah for her accomplishment.  Hayden named her “Librarian of the Day”.  To celebrate, she was given a tour of the Library of Congress by Hayden herself as well as allowed to sit in on executive meetings.  For the full article and pictures of her visit, click HERE!


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