Fixer Upper is Ending…..For Real This Time

Picture from Flickr user Eugeniu Rotari

I have been known to binge watch various TV shows on HGTV. I have been hooked on home improvement shows since Trading Spaces rolled out. Probably my favorite of this era of sprucing up your living area is the show Fixer Upper, with Chip and Joanna Gaines. Aside from the amazing outcomes to these ‘need some TLC’ homes, they are just the most adorable couple! So I was so disappointed to hear that Joanna was leaving the show to sell make up. Then I found out that was #fakenews. The story floated around for so long I stopped paying attention to anything related to Fixer Upper.

So when the latest story about the show discontinuing popped up I just swiped it away. Too soon it seems. According to Joanna Gaines blogsite this season will be the last. To read about their decision and see the video they shared with their fans just click here.