Real Prayers Are Said In German

A local little boy’s story from the 1940’s is coming to Peoria!  It will be filmed right here where Billy grew up.  “It’s a reflection of my upbringing, what was passed down to his parents, with very strong ties to the German community,” said Ann Hagemann, the producer and a local native.  This story is extremely close to Ann Hagemann’s heart with Billy being her Father, she wanted to bring this heartfelt film to the big screen.  Ann says she wants local talent from right here in Peoria. Hagemann states in an interview with 25 news, “This was a natural fit for us, why find another community when everything we need is right here,” Ann is the producer yet that isn’t the only many parts she plays in the making of this film, she is also an actress in the movie playing the role of her late great-grandmother.   “I’ve never met her, she unfortunately passed before I was born. But through the stories of my family and through pictures I got to know her,” Hangemann added.  If you or someone you know would be interested in being apart of this film there are going to be acting class’s given by Ann herself for child actors to be apart of this amazing experience! Production is expected to get underway next Summer.  Since this is an independent film, Ann is asking for sponsors to invest in her movie.  

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Video Credit: WEEK 25 NEWS
Story Credit: WEEK 25 NEWS
Image Credit: Real Prayers are said in German website.