Time Warp Trivia Err-Day!


Time Warp Trivia is one our FAVORITE parts of the day!  Don’t miss out on the fun.  Tune in err-day at 6:35AM and 8:35am for your chance to win!

Every morning, the JACKed Up Morning Show will give you three pop culture happenings from a particular year.  Then!  To get those wheels turning even more, they’ll play a popular song from that year!  call us and tell us what year it is and you’re our big winner!


Let’s practice!  You ready?

-This particular year, the Rubik’s Cube was introduced into the world


-The movies Caddy Shack and Blues Brother made their debut

-Brook Shields made her controversial Calvin Klein commercial


Any ideas yet?  Here’s your next hint!

Did you guess it?  The answer is 1980!

Wasn’t that fun?  Just think, we do this EVERY morning for prizes! Tune in err-day for your chance to win!