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The biggest Meteor Shower of the year is tonight!

Make sure to go outside tonight and see an amazing show in the night sky!  The Perseid Meteor Shower is happening tonight from Midnight to Dawn!  Watch with family and friends for what they say is the biggest meteor shower of the year!  Here are some tips for your best experience  for tonight’s show: 1. […]

Shelter dog finds home in an unusual way

Abbey Boyd (pictured above) didn’t think much of her attempt to coax a frightened pup out of a kennel with treats; but Ted (pictured) sure did.   After being placed in a kennel, Ted was scared and skittish.  Boyd, an employee at the shelter, figured treats would help comfort and coax him out of his […]

Adele’s little boy is the sweetest!

After a long year of touring, Adele finally wrapped up her 2016 calendar.  Her final concert in Arizona came with a sweet surprise from her 4 year-old little boy. Nothing warms a parent’s heart more than the love from their little one!  Click HERE for the full article.