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Daughter Captures Touching Photo That Grabs America’s Attention

When Wendy Freden, a native of Tyler, Texas was diagnosed with stage 1A multifocal invasive breast cancer, Cameron Stokes, the daughter, formed a bond with the mother that seemed to be unbreakable. Treatment was extensive, and eventually June 14 had come around and Wendy had been told she was cancer free. at the hospital where Freden […]

Win Tickets To Six Flags St. Louis

Summer means amusement parks and of course Six Flags is always at the top of everyone’s list!  JACK has tickets for you to win starting Monday (June 19th) at 7:40ish during JACK in the Box! Ride heart racing rides or enjoy the mardi gras party through mid july on wednesdays.  Six Flags St. Louis is […]

15 year old boys dances after a heart surgery

This is so amazing to see this little boy so happy to be alive that he is dancing like no one is watching which we all need to learn from this brave teen.  Live life to the fullest. Photo Credit to CBS news story.

Ohio judge has creative punishment for drunk drivers

People could avoid driving under the influence by just pulling out their phones and downloading the the apps Uber and Lyft.  The Ohio Judge Michael Cicconetti who handles DUI cases has recommend to offenders this Uber and Lyft to stop these cases from happening so often.  People should get this app! It can save you from […]

Photo credit to Flickr user rob_rob2001

What would YOU do for pizza?

Photo Credit to Flickr user stu_spivack You value YOUR privacy, right? What about the privacy of your family and friends? What would break your loyalty? Well, a shocking 98% of college students say they’d give up their friends’ emails when promised FREE PIZZA. Now, I get it… I love pizza just as much as the […]

Dad Interviews Daughter Every First Day Of School

What a sweet idea! For the article, click HERE! Photo credit: Bustle article

Pasta & Pizza Party For St. Jude

JACK wants you to tell you about a tasty way to give back!  June 29th at Barrack’s Cater Inn, St. Jude is having a pasta and pizza party with 100% of the proceeds going to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital! Tune in to 101.1 JACK FM Thursday, June 15 at 7:30am to hear St. Jude’s […]

JACK wants to send YOU to Cabo!

You’ve seen the wonderful deal Suzi Davis and Direct Travel have put together for you.  AMAZING, right? YOU WANT TO know what’s even MORE amazing? A FREE trip to Cabo! JACK is going to send one lucky winner and a friend on an all-inclusive trip to the beautiful Riu Santa Fe October 10th-14th!  SAMMY HAGAR […]

Win tickets to see Ron White!

The classic blue collar observational comedy of Ron White is coming to Central Illinois! Ron is going to be performing at the Peoria Civic Center on October 12th! Ron White is probably best known for his performances with fellow kings of redneck comedy Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Daniel Whitney. But he’s also performed multiple solo acts […]