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Museum After Dark: A Fun Evening of Art & Science

Kick off your weekend with one-of-a-kind fun or a unique date night! Enjoy the signature Strawberry Gin-etics Cocktail (one free drink on the house)! Explore amazing art & science exhibitions (ending soon!) – plus “super cool” activities: Experiment with liquid nitrogen, make stuff glow, create bug paint, extract strawberry DNA, visit another world through a […]

Get your heart pumping with Peoria Friendship House’s Over The Edge event!

Here is an event worthy to check off your bucket list. Known for its unique rappelling fundraising events around the world and helping organizations raise millions of dollars, Over The Edge is coming to Peoria! This inaugural event supports Peoria Friendship House as they minister to the community and work to alleviate the burdens of […]

Louie Louie is right around the corner!

Since 1988, Central Illinois has been kicking off the summer with the St. Jude Louie Louie Parade and River Jam in downtown Peoria with the sole purpose of raising money for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Participation in the Louie Louie parade is open to all businesses, organizations and individuals. Participation can be as […]

Peoria welcomes back the Central Illinois Auto Show!

The Peoria Metro New Car Dealers Association is proud to announce that the Central Illinois Auto Show will be celebrating its 28th Annual Show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 7, 8, & 9, 2017 at the Peoria Civic Center. The Peoria Metro New Car Dealers Association’s 33 dealers will be displaying over 300 vehicles […]

Well THAT’S a discount we’ve never heard of

Italy’s tradition of family lunches can get kinda hectic, especially when they last forever and the kids get antsy.  Heck, that’s any meal! An Italian restaurant is giving parents an incentive for their well-behaved children during meals: a discount!  Interesting concept.  Similar places in the US have tried the practice.  What do you think?  For […]

The 2nd Annual JACK Music Test is Here!

Remember last year?  Scrolling through your favorite tunes, picking your favorites, then crossing your fingers for that $1,000 prize?  Well we’re doing it again!  There’s no easier way to win $1,000!  All you gotta do is click HERE and take our music test.  We want to hear from YOU!  Then, cross your fingers!  Who knows? […]

Patrick Swayze fans can now own a piece of their favorite movie!

Start saving up because Patrick Swayze’s leather jacket from Dirty Dancing, signature shirt from Ghost, and his personal motorcycle will be up for auction on April 28th & 29th! The jacket, originally worn in 1987, is up for grabs for the price of $4,000-$6,000.  The long sleeved Ghost shirt from the 90’s?  Estimated anywhere from $2,000 […]

This Sweet Pet is Proof That Dogs are a Man’s Best Friend!

For the full article, click HERE! Photo Credit: PR Photos

Research Shows the Best Time to Nap

Thank you, science! Photo Credit:  PR Photos

7 Moms You’ll See In A Group Text

No, this was not written by a millennial. However, this Mom hits this list right on point. Here’s the list: 1. The Initiator Mom 2. The “Whatever Works” Mom 3. The Overachiever 4. The Misinformed Mom 5. The Emoji Sender Mom 6. The Complicator Mom 7. The Procrastinator Mom Read more here for the meanings of each ‘Mom’. Then post this on […]