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Amazon Delivering Tiny Houses

You can order everything to your door from food, to clothes, to movies; but now you can also order… a HOUSE! You begin with a shell that can be custom designed to your very own liking, and they’ll even throw in hookups to plumbing and electric! To see how much it would cost to order […]

Most Popular Halloween Candy by State

Every year, California buys 1,548,990 pounds of M&M’s making it their top candy, according to candystore.com. The National Retail Federation estimates that $2.7 billion will be spent on Halloween candy this year alone! For the Illinois top 3, CLICK HERE! PHOTO CREDIT: WJBF ARTICLE

Little boy gets hilarious note from the “Tooth Fairy”

One mom in Waco, Texas, came up with a creative and constructive response when her son asked the tooth fairy for more money. Little Hallister Senn, 8, wrote a letter to the tooth fairy on July 31 asking her to increase the amount she left for his tooth from $1 to $5 because he “worked […]

This reunion story will melt your heart!

What an amazing story!  Shelly Foster has been looking for her biological brother for 60 years.  Till finally all of her clues lead her right to a hotel door in Shreveport, La, where she finds him.  “It was a lot harder to search for people back then,” Foster said. “It wasn’t until the computer age that […]

Solar Eclipse Flights are “Out of this World”

Southwest Airlines flight schedule includes five flights that will take a direct route for the best view of solar eclipse set for August 21st. Be sure to snag a window seat for the best views and don’t forget your viewing glasses and cosmic cocktail that the airline will be offering just for this flight. Check […]