JACKed Up Morning Show


Hi…I’m Rik! Although I grew up here in Peoria (Whittier, St. Mark’s, Old Spalding High), most of my adult life was spent on the radio in Springfield. But, alas, I am back in the River City! I am a Father of three boys, ages 19, 16 and 10….which means my weekends are video games, movies (big Star Wars nerd!!!), computers and THE PIZZA RANCH!!! Cardinals baseball, Cowboys football and College basketball do it for me. However, I have been known to sing some karaoke, watch a musical or a chick flick too. I love helpin’ you get on your way in the Mornin’ with info, good conversation, and some fun and games. We might even make ya think a little bit!!! Make sure to tune in to JACKed Up Mornings weekdays from 6 til 9 am on 101.1 JACK FM!


Hey all – I’m Shelly! Not a Peoria or even an Illinois native. I actually grew up in North Dafrozenkota which is where I started my now 25+ years behind the mic (totally dated myself here). (And I just did it again with my ‘totally’).  After spending a couple years in Billings, MT (it’s not for everyone) and moved here to P-Town where I met my wonderful husband. Yes, ladies, there are still good ones out there for those of us moving past our previous lives. I like the color orange, laughing, a nice glass of wine and the southwest. I don’t like mean people or the letter ‘p’.

I am so excited to join Rik on The Jacked Up Morning Show! I mean who doesn’t like playing what they want? Join us weekday mornings and hear all the great tunes you like, too! You might start your day with a smile 🙂